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Varietal Coffees
There are three major coffee-producing  regions in the world, each with its own characteristics:

Coffees from these regions are considered to be single-origin coffees.

African coffee includes Kenya coffee and Ethiopian coffee;  American coffee includes Blue Mountain Coffee, Colombian coffee, and Jamaican coffee; and Indonesian coffee includes Sumatran and Java coffee.

Within each country that produces coffee, there are numerous growing regions, each with multiple plantations, each producing a different coffee. Sometimes these differences are indistinguish able, but at other times, they can be dramatic. The perfect genetic strain of the arabica plant, the perfect slope, soil composition, fertilizer, sun, shade, rain, picking and cultivation methods all determine the quality of the finished product.

Coffees are available in:

½ lb (8oz.), 1 lb (16oz), 2 lb (32oz), and 5 lb (80oz) bags

Whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind, and French press

unless indicated otherwise.

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