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Decaffeinated Coffees
Decaffeinated coffee has had the caffeine removed from green coffee beans (unroasted coffee beans) by one of several methods. There are six widely used processes that make coffee "decaf":
  1. Roselius Process
  2. Swiss Water Process
  3. Direct Method
  4. Indirect Method
  5. CO2/O2 Process
  6. Triglyceride Process

Because most of the processes used in producing decaf coffee use chemicals, the options for producing organic decaf coffee are limited.

Since I am not a chemist, I won't even attempt an explanation of these processes. If you're interested in how decaf coffee is derived from "caffed" beans, these websites may be helpful to you:

After Dinner: full-bodied and rich flavor (blend of Ethiopian Harrar, Java Estate, and French Roast)
Colombia: balanced body and acidity, rich flavor (American)
Connoisseur: full-bodied with a spicy aroma (blend of Arabian, African, and Indonesian)
Costa Rica: high acidity, medium body, rich unique flavor (American)
Dutch Trader: medium- to full-bodied with a spicy twist (blend of Indonesian, Central American, and African)
eCoffee: smooth coffee made from a secret blend of three Arabica beans
Ethiopia Longberry: sharp winey acidity with a tangy aftertaste (African)
French Roast: intense smoky coffee with a rich, lingering flavor
Gourmet Blend: balanced, rich flavor, invigorating aroma (blend of Central and South American)
Guatemala Antigua: medium-bodied, smokey flavor with a hint of spice (Central American)
Java Dutch Estate: heavy body, chocolate undertones (Indonesian)
Kenya AA: sharp acidity, solid body, winey flavor (African)
Kona Blend:allow you to experience this amazing coffee at an affordable price (blend)
Marrakesh: complex, hearty flavor with a spicy aftertaste (blend)
Mexico Spirit of Aztec: medium body, fine acidity, mild, sweet, satisfying flavor (American)
Mocca Java: balanced acidity, heavy-bodied, hints of chocolate (blend of Ethiopian Harrar and Java Dutch Estate)
New Orleans Chicory: full-bodied, earthy, sweet aroma, slightly bitter flavor (blend of French Roast coffee and chicory)
Sumatra Mandheling: low acidity, heavy body, complex flavor (Indonesian)

Coffees are available in:

½ lb (8oz.), 1 lb (16oz), 2 lb (32oz), and 5 lb (80oz) bags

Whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind, and French press

unless indicated otherwise.

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