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Coffee Blends

Coffee blends are made by combining different types of coffee beans. They are usually made with Arabica coffee beans which produce the good coffee flavor and aroma coffee lovers love. A coffee blend can become a special coffee brand used by cafés, roasters, and growers to attract repeat customers. These coffee brands can have a unique coffee flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.

Signature Blends:

Signature blends are used by stores, cafés, and coffee sellers to encourage customers to continue to buy their brand or visit their café. The goal of signature blending is to produce a unique flavor that consumers can only find at one place. 

Consistency Blends:

Consistency blends usually contain a large number of bean varieties in order to maintain a consistent flavor should one or more of those varieties become unavailable. Using more beans makes it easier to preserve the coffee's characteristics if one of the beans is unavailable.

Single-Origin Blends:

Single-origin blends are  made by using coffee beans from the same geographic location.

After Dinner: a full-bodied rich flavor (Ethiopian Harrar, Java Estate, and French Roast) (available in decaf)
Blue Mountain: allows you to experience the Blue Mountain experience at a more affordable price
Connoisseur: full-bodied with a spicy aroma (Arabian, African, and Indonesian) (available in decaf)
Dutch Trader: medium-bodied with a spciy twist (Indonesian, Central American, and African) (available in decaf)
eCoffee: top secret blend of three Arabic beans (available in decaf)
French Roast: intense smoky flavor (Central and South American) (available in decaf)
Gourmet House: balanced, rich in taste with an invigorating aroma (Central and South American) (available in decaf)
Italian Roast: dark roast (Central and South American and Indonesian)
Kona Blend: custom blend that includes Central and South American coffees (available in decaf)
Marrakesh: dark roast with a earthy, spicy flavor (available in decaf)
Mocca Java: heavy-bodied with a hint of chocolate (Ethiopian Longberry and Java Estate) (available in decaf)
New Orleans Chicory: full-bodied, earthy, sweet aroma, slightly bitter flavor (French Roast coffee and chicory) (available in decaf)
Reggae: great aroma, complex flavor (Central and South American)
Taste Unlimited: flavorful with low acidity (Hawaiian Kona, Indonesian, and Espresso Verdi)
World Tour: complex, rich flavor (South American, Central American, and African)
Coffees are available in:

½ lb (8oz.), 1 lb (16oz), 2 lb (32oz), and 5 lb (80oz) bags

Whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind, and French press

unless indicated otherwise.
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